Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Honestly this weekend felt like a little introduction to the craziness about to happen this summer. We shot our first (of many) weddings of the season and for the next four months we have about two weekends free. Otherwise, we will be shooting every. single. Saturdayyyyy. Im trying to stay positive but Ive always loved having weekends free. Thats one of the reasons why I got into education. Now I don't have any summers off and I'm kinda butt hurt about it. I feel so bad for Austin because he seriously gets zero days off. At least with subbing I can pick and choose what days i want to work! 

After church today (I'm writing this on Sunday night) We had our comfy clothes on and we were about to walk out the door to go to family dinner. I randomly glanced at my phone and noticed a google calendar notification and it said we were supposed to be at a photoshoot in 10 minutes! I was like NOOO! We changed in about .5 seconds and ran to the car. And of course it was fast Sunday so we were starving. I was like yep, the madness has begun. #nodaysoff. I keep rolling my eyes now, but one day it'll be worth it, I keep having to remind myself that. 

Despite this weekend being crazy, Friday was such a fun date night! After work we got ready and headed downtown. Austin was zipping around the streets on his new boosted board and everyone was  so confused by it! A couple of teenage boys even tracked him down & were asking what the heck it was! So funny!

We ate at Sliders downtown! It's one of the many hidden gems here in Springvegas. It reminds me of my teenage years when Dallas and Jordan (Austin's fam) would take all of their many girlfriends there to eat and I would always tag along :) Its so tiny and authentic!

After we ate we walked down to the square and listened to the different bands playing and people-watched. Austin danced with some awesome people, you can watch in the vlog posted below! I was sitting in the grass laughing my head off. I feel like I've been extra clingy with Austin lately. I just feel like time is flying by and I don't want to ever get old! Almost four years of marriage and I still feel like newlyweds! I never want this stage to end.

Here's a funny vlog we made!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I was fifteen years old when Austin invited me to my first concert. I asked my mom, actually begged my mom. She said no about a million times. Then Austin (being the negotiator he is) somehow convinced her. We took an RV to St. Louis with a bunch of friends and had so much fun (one of the best days I've lived) Halfway through the concert Austin asked me to be his girlfriend. Ahhh I can still hear his sweet voice in my head! I was so HAPPY! We kissed and squeezed each other the rest of the night.  Now we are sitting here waiting for this concert to start again only this time we have been together for 6 years. Life is awesome. Thanks for keeping life exciting Austin Lee.
 I guess this is growing up.

Ps- I'll add pics later, blogger won't let me upload from my phone!! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


A couple Saturday's ago we filmed for Slide the City. 

I wish I could say it was an awesomely fun day but if I'm being honest, it wasn't all that fun for us filming. 

It was about a million degrees outside and trying to get the shots we needed was crazy when everything was so fast pace! 

I was running around everywhere trying to find the people I needed for shots and trying to catch the candid is harder than one would think. I was trying to handle both canons while dal and Mav had the go pros and Austin flew the drone. 

And the drone totally freaked out towards the end of the day! We don't know if it was because of the metal building or the wind (probably both) but it freaked out and didn't want to land! Austin somehow figured out how to safely land it without it crashing. He's such a pro! I could tell he was stressed out, but he's always so positive. 

I knew I would need an extra something for the promo, so I asked a break dance team I'm friends with if they would dance and they were totally down! And I'm SO glad they came! They made everything so light and fun! Everything was crazy for a while and I was running around like a crazy person but they were so patient and understanding the whole time! 

Overall it was fun day and a good experience. Austin and I definitely sleep like little babies that night! Check out our video down below!