Monday, May 30, 2016


Since its our three year anniversary I thought it would be fun to come up with some questions for us to both individually answer. I so loved reading Austin's answers! Happy three years babe!

1.What have you learned about yourselves as a couple? I have learned we can set goals and accomplish the ones most important to us but things change and goals change as we get further in life.
2.Getting married young?  I believe getting married young was the best thing for us. We knew that we wanted to be together forever and I think it got us a head start on life and our goals.
3.Best Moment? Best moment is always now:) I love everything we do and can't choose a best moment!
4.Worst Moment/Pet Peeve? Alex takes hours to get ready for bed while I'm trying to fall asleep!
5.What do you love about your spouse? I love how motivated she is and how she is passionate about everything she does. I love hearing how excited she is about shooting up coming weddings or how she loves the moments we captured with film. I also love hearing about her students she teaches and takes care of.
6.Little quirks your spouse has? Alex leaves half drank waters all around the house like the little girl in the movie Signs.
7.Funnest Date? Best dates are always the simple dates. I love going out and eating somewhere nice and talking about how life is going and things we can improve on. We are constantly measuring where we are and where we want to be.
8.What keeps the love alive? A way we keep our love going is to always do random exciting things to keep life interesting. We never have a dull boring moment. Another thing we do is to always set super high goals and do everything we can to achieve them, keeps life rolling fast and fun!
9.Advice for engaged couples? Have fun planning your wedding because it happens so fast! Also be excited! Marriage is a blast and it is what you make of it! Don't try and see that everything is perfect but try and make yourselves perfect.
10.Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? In 10 years I see ourselves with a few little kids and traveling a whole lot more and looking back and being amazing on how far we have come. Even three years has been awesome and I see no signs of any slowing down.

1.What have you learned about yourselves as a couple? I've learned that as a couple we never stop. We are constantly on the go, trying/learning new things and challenging ourselves with what  all we can do. We are also BIG into goals. We always write Down our goals, work our butts off to accomplish them and then it feels so good! Then we hustle even harder. (10X as Austin always says) I've also learned that he is my best friend. I have no idea what I would do without him and our dance parties everyday.
2.Getting married young? I am SO glad we got married young! I honestly can't imagine what the heck I would be doing right now if I wasn't spending everyday with my Austin Lee. People say "Don't get married young, you have to go and live your life." I'm sorry but what a load of garbage! I wouldn't be living if I wasn't married. Together we have accomplished more than have ever imagined and that wouldn't have been done individually.
3.Best Moment? Getting sealed in the Temple
4.Worst Moment/Pet Peeve? Hardest moment would have to be not being able to get pregnant.
5.What do you love about your spouse? Austin is the kindest most caring person on this planet. Anytime someone from church or a friend/family member needs help with doing something he always drops whatever he's doing and helps them. He has such a big heart and I appreciate that so much. And I also love his work ethic. He literally never stops (even in his sleep) Keeping up with him is exhausting sometimes but he has helped me become a stronger person. He knows what he wants, and he is willing to do anything to get it.
6.Little quirks your spouse has? He always sings in different types of voices, my personal favorite is his opera voice. I die of laughter every time! and he usually always spills my water that sits on the ottoman...
7.Funnest Date? Funnest Date would have to be our Blink 182 concert date! Or really any concert we go to is always a lot of fun. (Especially when Austin takes off his shirt and starts mashing and I usually get trampled!)
8.What keeps the love alive? I think just always growing together. Like we make sure we are always on the same path and have the same goals in mind and that's what keeps us excited for life! We also communicate a lot and always go on dates :)
9.Advice for engaged couples Communicate A LOT, always be on the same page, and if you're not- do whatever it takes to make it right. Sometimes you have to sacrifice but I feel like that's actually one of the biggest blessings in the end.
10.Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?  I see us having a big family, being financially successful, having lots of rental properties and also traveling a lot!

I love you Austin Lee. Three years down, forever to go! 

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