Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I got off work the last day of school and was jumping for joy because we were soon going to be on our way to Florida for a little getaway. 

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE the feeling before a good road trip. We blasted our music and rolled the windows down. I love adventures with my best friend.

The first couple of days we had to ourselves which was actually very needed and then the McGee's and Forsyth's came down! It had been so long since we've seen our besties Nile and Brittany so it was nice catching up with them! Its so crazy to think that they already have two kids, like when did we all grow up?! I loved taking some family pics for them!

Only Brittany can look this good after having a baby a month ago?!

We mostly just all hung out and relaxed on the beach. I held baby Stella preeetty much the whole time. She was only a month old!! And of course, attempted to paddle board in the ocean. We fell so many times! Big fat Fail!

We had a devotional on the beach with all of the cousins and it was such a spiritual experience. I love learning from the cousins. Even though they are close to my age, I feel like they have so much wisdom. We all have different situations and lifestyles so its nice we can all learn from each other and I think it honestly helps our testimonies grow. We talked a lot about how we all need to be a support system for each other and reach out to other people to make their day a little brighter. Sometimes I forget how much of an influence we can be. We need more good in the world. And I'm grateful that my family strives for that.

One good thing about this trip is that everyone is a photographer/videographer! So we all took turns taking pictures of each other on the beach! Man, that does come in handy! 

 I think we should make it a habit on going on at least one family vacation a year. Its so refreshing to be able to relax and get ready for the craziness of life. Austin and I sat by the beach and made a list of what all we wanted to accomplish this summer and year to come; which doesn't sound like fun but it actually motivates us! We always try to stay on the same page when it comes to this stuff. It's important. Life is what you make it :)
Anyways, I'm glad we got a little bit of a getaway before the craziness of summer starts! 

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